High. Quality. Leads.

Everyone on our team has purchased leads in the past. We have had good experiences and we have had experiences that taught us what to avoid. At Alpha, our singular focus is on driving a differentiated return on investment for your lead generation portfolio utilizing the best leads.

Lead Qualification

Some of the biggest corporations have large, sophisticated call centers that enable them to quickly process and qualify thousands of leads. Decades worth of data exists pointing to the fact that leads are essentially perishable goods that must be “nurtured” in real-time. Alpha has developed a simple solution that takes this crucial responsibility out of your hands and frees you up to do what you do best.

Lead Generation for Lawyers

Lead Management Software

We created a robust, straightforward lead management software suite to better help you manage and analyze your leads in real time. Our system is an easy-to-use package that enables us to deliver leads directly to the CRM of your choice, or to your inbox if you prefer.

In addition, we can have prospective clients handed off to you via a live connected phone call. There are many effective ways for clients to get in contact with you and vice versa. We built Alpha to make getting in touch EASY.

Lead Generation for Lawyers