Why a Blog is Essential for You as a Lawyer

in Lead Generation

Last update on April 8, 2015.

A blog doesn't just act as a website filler, but rather a community by which you can be able to establish your presence and experience. It's actually one of the most essential online tools which allow you to stand out among all other lawyers who are vying for the attention of clients online. Moreover, a blog allows you to attract valuable clients while increasing your firm's visibility at the same time.

If you put yourself in a client's standpoint, which do you think is more trustworthy. A static website containing lawyer biographies? Or a website with a blog that regularly discusses a particular area of expertise on a regular basis? According to statistics, 81% of all businesses rated their company blogs as a very valuable, important and useful tool. Also, almost 50% of the law firms in the US stated that blogging often led them to new business opportunities.

What is it with blogging that makes it appealing to the audience and do really help as a lead generation for attorneys?

It Allows You to Become an Authority

Discussing relevant issues to your practice on a regular basis can help build your presence and credibility towards your visitors. Aside from that, regular writing and research also allows you to be updated with the latest customer issues and developments happening in your field of expertise.By understanding landmark cases and novel issues and expressing them to a language which everyone can easily understand, you will be able to speak with your customers in a more convenient manner and obtain a skill which can be both helpful with clients and injuries.

You can Soft Sell your Firm

Compared to a firm website which compels prospects to contact you, blogs are more informational by providing their consumers with appropriate knowledge regarding legal issues. Also, the semi-conversational tone of a blog post provides consumers with a more welcoming atmosphere compared with generic practice area descriptions.

You Can Get Social Media Exposure

An informational blog post discussing a legal issue which provides value to your consumers often get a lot of exposure in the social media. Blog posts are excellent for sharing to your network personally. Moreover, if you are able to resonate with the readers and provide them with a useful piece of information, they will tend to share the content to their own networks as well.

It Enhances Overall Visibility

The concept of a blog is pretty simple - the more content you have, the higher visibility you can get. Online users often search for something relevant and useful to them, and once they do, you've most likely covered that topic already on your blog and the search engine will lead them towards it.

You might be uncertain as to how you can get started. Since effective blogging involves the use of the best practices which both readers and search engines like, and it often takes time to set up a good-looking blog on your website, we recommend having a tour at our blog services to find out how we can help you.

And if you don't have enough to blog as you're busy with your lawyer duties, we even provide your blog with fresh and valuable content which both consumers and search engines will truly love.