Expert Tips for Attorneys Purchasing Online Lead Generation Services

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Last update on Jan. 30, 2015.

You may not know it but you might be dealing with an unprincipled company selling only low quality leads. Therefore, it is important that as a lawyer you check where the company pulls its leads before you direct them to your network.

Also find out how the legal lead generation service works. Your primary objective should be to know the strategy that the company employs to generate leads that they push to your lawyer network. Does the firm achieve this by purchasing Google Ad Words? This is an important consideration that will enable you to calculate the cost of the service when leads are forwarded to you.

Since some lead generation firms may restrict their services to some regions or states, check if the lead generation service matches your specific practice area or jurisdiction. There are also instances where some companies only cover specific areas where most lawyers in their network hail from.

If most of the leads channeled to your network come from broad landing pages you will likely get fewer potential or warm leads.

Also consider whether you will be among one of the lawyers in your area of expertise who will be using this service or you are in a jurisdiction where the lead generation company only markets its services to the public.

Conduct a cost analysis too and check if you will benefit from each lead based on the total cost of acquiring such a service.

Confirm whether the lead generation service is based on performance whereby you will only pay for successful leads and not for those that a client ends up not paying. In such case the company will only forward to you qualifying leads who are actually clients in need of your legal services.

Since you have acquired the client at a cost, consider the fees you will charge him or her for your services. Properly done, you should gain more from clients than the amount spend acquiring them. 

Lead conversion being the most important aspect in all this, make sure that the company you hire offers support with things such as lead monitoring and tracking tools.

What Is Online Lawyer Lead Generation?

Online lead generation service is more than just lawyer directories or matching services that most branded networks provide. Lead generation companies basically connect potential individual clients who readily need legal advice in a given area of practice directly to specific lawyers with expertise in the same field.

The primary intent for a lawyer here is to use the company's service to get a lead that will convert into a paying client. Quality leads is key and to guarantee high conversion rates, a lead generation company should only generate and direct prospective leads to the lawyer. Depending on the type of clients that lawyers or law firms want channeled to them, some companies generally create landing pages with content that target clients within a specific practice area.

In delivering leads, some of these firms only provide quality leads to a few lawyers on their network or within a specific zip code or jurisdiction while leaving other lawyer up to the customers. Therefore, lawyers on a large network don’t have to share leads or use them on a rotational basis. What the company does is use live call centers where they interact with clients that require legal services and then they direct them to lawyers in the network. In some cases, the prospective clients have to fill in an online form which determines how ready they are to purchase legal services before a specific lawyer is assigned to them who is willing and able to handle their case within a given time frame and budget as outlined by the client.

Through most of these companies lawyers can also manage the leads generated using the services that these companies provide. As long as the lawyer has signed an engagement agreement with the lead, he or she now has to ensure that the lead actually turns into a paying client. This is why lead management tools that some companies offer is important to lawyers that are keen on tracking potential opportunities as well as ensuring that each request from a potential lead is well taken care of. Where the lead declines representation, the lawyer can also clearly record such information on a digital device. Lawyers can also assess how effective their marketing strategies are by combining both analytics and online management tools especially with the aim of creating an effective online marketing plan.