Accelerate Your Growth with these Lead Generation Tips

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Last update on Jan. 30, 2015.

Law firm founders are often worried about when they will land the next client. You work hard but you still find that to completely earn the trust of a good number of clients, it will take a lot of time, especially if you try to do it on your own. This however should not be a concern to you as many law firm founders are experiencing the same problem with respect to growing their client bases.

Legal lead generation can help small social security disability firms to gain an edge by using a mix of marketing websites and social networks. Social media and advisory blogs posted online play major helpful roles in giving a heads up in useful information and ideas. To build a strong firm foundation and establish a continuous, steady flow of customers you will need to explore online lead generation services. It is a unique way of marketing your firm and evaluating a large number of potential clients in an increasingly efficient manner. You can even outsource the intake and calling effort to a third party with your own filtering criteria.

If you’ve been looking for ways to quickly grow your firm’s client base, you have likely heard about online lead generation services. If you connect with other lawyers and work in a network where you make referrals among your fellow lawyers that is an example of a lead-generation system. If this lead-generation system does not use the internet and other modern technologies it may not provide enough clients and this may not give you the growth profile that you want. In order to take advantage of prevailing online search trends, firms should work with a lead generation specialist to find clients that have specific legal issues with which you can help them. The third-party lead-generation services provide a platform for these types of connections since the general lead generation services work on the same basic premises.

It is hard for law firms to distinguish themselves from each other online with their own websites, and many customers will search and have difficulty choosing between the firms they find. Many online lead generators provide an independent way for customers to find firms. The main concept is that the clients take time to fill out web-based intake forms and call dedicated customer service numbers in order to get help with their legal claims. Thousands of people search for help with their social security disability claims online each day.

Lead generation services present an ideal way to get entrée to qualified prospects but not all services are executed equally. There are a number of things one needs to consider before investing in lead-generation services.

You need to know the process the provider uses. A good service provider will work closely with your law firm before the lead generation begins and will be careful to lay out the scope of activities. Reputable companies screen the leads before sending them to you so that you will not waste your time and money with service providers who are no good. The most important and vital duty of a service provider should be to provide valuable leads that give you the lowest cost per case compared to other advertising channels.

Firms should work with a company that has the capability to control the number of leads you get per day. You need to make sure that you can promptly respond to leads (within 2-3 minutes on average) and you also need to follow up a number of times to ensure that you make contact. If you are able to set the correct number of leads per day, you can manage the lead flow with the right level of customer service to make sure that you maximize your rate of contact for leads. You should know the approximate number of suitable predictions to work on; this way it will be easier for one to plan his or her work. A firm should not operate on a matter of faith; Check the numbers. Your service provider should outline the conversion rate that your firm should expect. Not all leads will turn into cases but you need to make sure that a sufficient number do in order to reach an acceptable average cost per case. Online leads should result in the lowest cost per case for all of your marketing channels. (Including TV, radio, print ads etc.)

Be sure to watch out for ethics compliance. The lead generation website language should NOT voice firm strengths and abilities in a way that could put your firm in violation the ABA`s Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Please see our blog on Ethics Compliance here.

Lastly, your firm needs to do thorough research on service providers. The company should be established and known with a good work record that can be trusted. Checking a reference from a similar firm is a way to get credible information.